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Standard coverage will be the same with any licensed mover, and covers $.60/lb for any damage done. Additionally, there are 2 additional levels of valuation coverage we can offer. Both cover repair or replacement of any damaged items. The way this valuation works is that you would declare a value for your belongings being moved.

  • OPTION 2:With a $300 deductible the cost would be $1.15 per $100 of declared value.

  • OPTION 3:If you choose a $0 deductible, it would be $1.40 per $100 of declared value.

  • To determine cost of coverage, multiply the value of your items by .0115 for Option 2, or .0140 for Option 3.

Tarrif 15-C, Item 90 requires carriers to assume liability based on the level of valuation protection selected by the customer and either the customer-declared value or 5 times the net weight of the shipment, whichever is higher. The valuation covers the entire shipment.

One thing to note is that if you decline to take out valuation coverage for the total amount of worth, we can only compensate you for the percentage of value you obtained. For example, if your items are valued at $100,000, and you only take out $25,000 worth of insurance, you would only be covered for 25% of any damage/replacement cost, so we do strongly recommend if you’d like additional coverage to take it out in the full amount of your declared value

Items not covered by valuation:

  • Lamps, lamp shades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, artificial plants, and statues NOT packed by CSM

  • Any marble or glass NOT crated or boxed by CSM

  • Items found broken in boxes NOT packed or unpacked by CSM

  • Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment

  • Any Electronics with no signs of physical damage

  • Computers and battery operated items in transit or storage

  • Loss or damage caused by insects, vermin, or rodents

  • Missing hardware for items NOT disassembled by CSM

  • Gold leaf or plaster frames and chandeliers NOT crated or boxed by CSM

  • Pressboard or particleboard furniture

  • Previously damaged or repaired items

  • Previously damaged or loose veneer

  • Furniture where original glue has dried out

  • Any small, loose items which are NOT boxed (keys, remote controls, etc.)

  • If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered by the insurance, NOT the entire set

  • Plants (live, dried, or artificial)