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Can't Stop Moving - Professional Moving Services in Boston, MA and Seattle, WA

Moving Supplies

Supplying You with Any Moving Materials You May Need

Top Quality and Convenient Moving Supplies

While you're moving to a new place, your main area of concern is transporting your belongings without them getting damaged. This is when quality packing supplies play a major role. In addition to bringing our own furniture pads, straps and dollies to keep your belongings safe, Can't Stop Moving can also provide you with top-quality packing supplies at an additional fee, including:

  • New & used boxes

  • Eco boxes

  • Specialty boxes

  • Mattress bags

  • Packing tape

  • Bubble wrap

  • Shrink wrap

  • Packing paper



Bundle includes:

  • 20 small boxes

  • 15 medium boxes

  • 5 large boxes

  • Packing paper

  • Tape and a marker

Recommended options:

  • 1 bundle: Studio/small 1-bedroom apt

  • 2 bundles: 1-2 bedroom apt

  • 3 bundles: small/medium house

  • 4 bundles: Medium to large house

These recommendations are guidelines and you may need more or less depending on the size of your home and how well furnished it is. Contact us if you need any help in choosing your materials. 

Can't Stop Moving - Professional Moving Services in Boston, MA and Seattle, WA

Please note: picture is for illustration purposes only. Stretch film and bubble wrap are not included in the standard moving bundle.


We can provide you with all of the supplies necessary to ensure a stress-free move.  Simply make note of the supplies you'd like to purchase in our consultation form and the cost will be included in your estimate.  If you'd like to purchase supplies without inquiring about additional services at this time, please contact us.

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