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Seattle is our home base of Can’t Stop Moving operations and a vibrant city with a lot to offer. It got its nickname largely because it has over six thousand acres of parks all within the city limits.

The one term that comes to mind when we think of Seattle is diverse. Seattle has a huge variety of activities, scenery and cultures. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it in Seattle for sure. One of the reasons we decided to make this one of our permanent locations is the city has a very unique feel.

While it is a huge, thriving city full of life, it also has a comfortable, laid back feeling that is really hard to describe until you experience it. It provides a nice balance between all that a busy city has to offer, but still gives you that easy hometown feel.

Looking for Expert Seattle Movers?

We have been in Seattle for several years now and while we do quite a bit of business helping people move to locations all across the nation, we have moved people all over Seattle as well. There are parts of the city that can be a little tough to navigate and like any city, Seattle has its own quirks and ways of doing things you have to get accustomed to, which can take a little time.

The city does not have a giant moving day like Boston’s September 1st, but it does have a few things you will want to know when planning relocation into or around the city area.



Seattle is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and the fifteenth largest metropolitan area in the country with just over 3.6 million people. There is plenty of demand for services of all types, so be sure to make your plans early and reserve the services you know you will need for your moving day.

  • Keep in mind, Seattle has a professional football team, soccer team and baseball team, all with venues in the city. You will want to check the calendar of all three teams and find out if there are any home games scheduled for the day you are planning to move. Home games can create huge traffic backups and delays, which can make your moving day a nightmare.

  • The I-90/I-5 interchange can experience long delays due to traffic jams, especially during rush hour. Although, the traffic problems are not only during rush hour and sometimes seem to happen for no apparent reason at all. If you can plan a route that makes sense and avoid the I-90/I-5 completely, that is usually the best choice.

  • It is a good idea to begin looking at maps of the Seattle area very early on and become familiar with the major roadways. Certain parts of the city are easy to navigate and completely logical, other parts make no sense at all. The street signs use all the directions found on a compass such as NW, SW and SE, which can be confusing when you are trying to figure things out at 60 mph.

  • Check with your landlord, realtor or moving company and find out what the rules are for parking in your neighborhood. Some neighborhoods have particular rules to follow when it comes to moving trucks or containers that are parked in front of homes, even for just a few hours while moving in. Additionally, you will want to check the street cleaning schedule and make sure you won’t be disrupting the city’s street cleaning process, which can result in fines.

  • Contact the utility companies early and be sure to schedule service for your desired date. With over 3 million people in the metropolitan area, the utility companies can be backed up and it takes them time to schedule the connection of services. It is best to call them a couple of months before your move and then follow up a couple of weeks before you arrive.

  • If you are planning to move into Seattle during the summer, be aware that many homes and apartments do not have air conditioning. While the weather is very moderate most of the year, it can get quite hot in peak summer months, which might be an issue if you have a medical condition or issue with warmer environments. You can always purchase a portable A/C unit, but that is something you will want to plan ahead of time.


Can’t Stop Moving: Your Trusted Seattle Movers

The tips above about getting started in Seattle and becoming a true Seattle local should get you started off on the right foot. It is an amazing city with a wide range of attractions for all types of tastes and styles.

If you need help with your move into or around Seattle, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are always willing to help and will do our best to steer you in the right direction. Our first priority is always making your moving day as easy and stress-free as possible. Our moving services are affordable and we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, always going the extra mile for our clients.

Remember, the best rule when planning a move is to plan early and make sure you have all the services you need well in advance of your scheduled moving date.

If you need assistance, please give us a call or send us an email. We hope we will be your top choice among Seattle movers to help you with your moving needs.