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Please take a few minutes to go through the information listed below, which contains important information about your quote, and also some helpful links should you need them.


• Your initial quote is NOT a confirmation of booking. If you would like to book our services after reviewing your quote, please respond via email or telephone so that we may reserve your spot in our calendar.

• Unless specified, Packing is NOT included in this quote, if you would like us to provide this service an on-site estimate OR a photo/video walkthrough showing what you’d like packed is necessary .


• Unless specified, you will receive a NON-BINDING estimate. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour weekdays, or 4 hours weekend/holidays. Once the minimum time is met, we round to the nearest 1/4 hour based on the actual time worked, plus applicable travel time.

Payment is due at the completion of the job. We accept cash with a 3% discount, checks at our standard rate, and Visa/MasterCard, with a 5% surcharge on credit/debit purchases.

Jobs starting later than 8am are approximate times. Due to the nature of our business, our crews will often be running slightly ahead of, or behind schedule due to earlier moves in the day, traffic, etc. If this is the case they will make every effort to call and inform you of any change in schedule.

Preparation is the biggest key. If you have everything in order and know exactly what's going on regarding your move, the Can't Stop Moving team will be as cost and time efficient as possible. The more information we have the better prepared we can be. 

• Each roll of tape used is $5.

• We charge $5 for each piece that has to be shrink wrapped.

• Wardrobe boxes are sold for $12 or a daily rental of $5.

• Boxes sold during the job come at $3 each.

• If you would like us to pack your belongings, please separate items that will not be packed. This helps to avoid confusion and ensures that you will not have to dig through boxes to find important documents, items, or anything that should be left at your current home. 

• Items that need to be hoisted up or down through an upper floor porch/balcony/window will incur a $75/piece fee.

• Please inquire if you have any further questions or concerns prior to your move. The more you know, the easier the move will go.


If you're interested in purchasing materials, please visit our online store. Use code CANTSTOP10 to save 10% off your materials order. 



The base insurance level provided with your move is $.60/lb. If you would like information on additional coverage, please check out our valuation page for more information.

This link is for the Consumers Guide to Moving in Washington State